The Burrow Episode January 31, 2016

VATS Live in-studio!

3:03pm - 3:59pm

Seattle trio Vats visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon to inject some noise.

Track Listing:

Vats · (live)
Vats · (live)
Excessive Days
Vats · (live)
Uncanny Valley
Vats · (live)
Green Glass Room
Vats · (live)
Half Night
Vats · (live)
Melting Culture
Vats · (live)
Your Turn To Run
Vats · (live)
Futuristic Hieroglyphics
Casual Hex · Fleshed Out
Swim Team · Freedom/Constraint
Who Are We Fooling Today?
Tough Customer · The Worst Demo
Lucky Number
Lene Lovich · n/a
Ring, Ring
Abba · n/a
P-Model · n/a