The Burrow Episode January 18, 2016


2:59pm - 3:59pm

Static dissonance, metallic pulses. Featuring new Tortoise and Pop 1280. Classic Birthday Party and experimental black metal.

Track Listing:

The Cross
Bonnie Prince Billie · Pond Scum
Faust · BBC Sessions
At Odds With Logic
Tortoise · The Catastrophist
Rain Song
Pop 1280 · Pyramids
Mr. Clarinet
The Birthday Party · Hee-Haw
Disintegration Nation
Flesh Eaters · Disintegration Nation single
Another Breed
Milk Lines · Ceramic
Skin Suit
Casual Hex · Sex Cells
Over Spirit
Krallice · Ygg Huur
Phantom Head Trip · Nether
Eternally Falling
thantifaxath · Sacred White Noise
The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
Gorguts · Obscura
Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Aerosol Constellations · n/a
Wolf Eyes With John Wiese · Equinox