The Burrow Episode October 5, 2015

The darkened, scorched suburbs

2:59pm - 3:59pm

Some experimental black metal, whiny/contemplative punk rock, outlaw rock, disgruntled young adults, and all that jazz

Track Listing:

Deafheaven · New Bermuda
Myrkur · M
Statu Nascendi
Mamiffer · Flower of the Field
Little Melody · Trepidation
Stranded (On My Own)
Titus Andronicus · The Most Lamentable Tragedy
Swingin' Party
The Replacements · Tim
Texas Serenade
Gun Club · Miami
Sun's Coming Down
Ought · Sun Coming Down
Good Shirt
Dri Hiev · ContraVirtual EP
Qala Li Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa
Jerusalem in my Heart · If He Dies, If If If If If If
Tooth Hound Sand
Sivani · Mood Ring - Debaser Comp