The Burrow Episode May 4, 2015

Whoa! A fellow Fall fan

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Jesse from Mormon Crosses (et. al.) swings by with some classics

Track Listing:

Hungry For Love
Marching Church · This World is Not Enough
Theory One: Debris of a Murder
TG · Jealous God mix
Mourning Coup · n/a
A Pied
Channels s3x4 · Christianity
At Daylight
Mormon Crosses · n/a
Twin Crystals · s/t lp
Pat-Trip Dispenser
The Fall · Creep/Pat-Trip Dispenser
When the Sun Hits
Slowdive · Souvlaki
Timeless pain
Group Vision · s/t cassette
Skinny Puppy · Warlock 12"
our language
Mormon Crosses · n/a
Wrong Star
White Lung · Deep Fantasy