The Burrow Episode March 2, 2015

Fundrive 2015!

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Special edition of The Burrow, featuring songs from specially curated, limited edition mixtapes. CiTR and The Fall - does it get any better?

Track Listing:

February 3rd 1997
Gretchen Snakes · The Complete History of Modern Medicine
Passing The Word
Nu Sensae · TV, Death and the Devil
Breathe and Fuck
//zoo · n/a
minimal violence · n/a
New Puritan
The Fall · the burrow fundrive
The Fall · the burrow fundrive
Bang Bang
Pharmakon · Todo Muerte Vol. 4
Cosmetics · Olympia
Modern Art
Other Jesus · Bachelors of Art
Lucifer over Lancashire
The Fall · the burrow fundrive