The Bassment Episode August 30, 2013

Broadcast on 30-Aug-2013

9:30pm - 10:30pm

Stabber and luckybeard - loose control (na)
self evident and max ulis - numba one stunna (eastsiders ep)
baauer - attracting flies (attracting flies)
grandtheft and scratch bastid - miley (na)
g jones - n judah (mirage)
proxy - faces (metropolis remixes)
mad zach - elehype (hypercube)
metaphoracle - bodacious oasis (similiar to siimilies)
machinedrum - centre your love (vapor city)
om unit - the hand (sleepwalker ep)
frankee - black heart (black heart / wonderland)
tc - earthquake (earthquake)
bcee - back to the street (lost and found)
kryptic minds and sleeper - axis shift (Axis Shift / Solarized Formation)
j:kenzo - one man show (one man show (remixes))
photek - sleepwalking (ku:palm)
truth and stylist beats - chicks and drugs (chicks and drugs/empire)
kline - occupy (ocuupy)
max ulis - deep space (deep space ep)
lil silva - work (fall over ep)
modek - pony (rgb remixes)
loops of fury - the prodigy + botnek + warrior (na)

Track Listing:

loose control
Stabber and luckybeard · na
numba one stunna
self evident and max ulis · eastsiders ep
attracting flies
baauer · attracting flies
grandtheft and scratch bastid · na
n judah
g jones · mirage
proxy · metropolis remixes
mad zach · hypercube
bodacious oasis
metaphoracle · similiar to siimilies
centre your love
machinedrum · vapor city
the hand
om unit · sleepwalker ep
black heart
frankee · black heart / wonderland
tc · earthquake
back to the street
bcee · lost and found
axis shift
kryptic minds and sleeper · Axis Shift / Solarized Formation
one man show
j:kenzo · one man show (remixes)
photek · ku:palm
chicks and drugs
truth and stylist beats · chicks and drugs/empire
kline · ocuupy
deep space
max ulis · deep space ep
lil silva · fall over ep
modek · rgb remixes
the prodigy + botnek + warrior
loops of fury · na