The Bassment Episode September 7, 2012

Broadcast on 07-Sep-2012

9:02pm - 9:02pm

Subvert and cara may - crazy
loops of fury and rebecca and fiona - dance
jack beats and dillon francis - epidemic
griz - wheres the love
elite force - the underground
sub antix - 80 weight
diplo and sleigh bells - demons
antiserum and mayhem - brick squad anthem
sinjin hawke - crystal dust
jake robertz - something inside
bevvy swift - mickey rocks
knowa knowone - east oakland bounce
opiou - don't hold back
koan sound - sly fox
ill esha - nothings worth losing
block treat - the game of poverty
featurecast - ego tripping
stickybuds - don't deny it
truth and yayne - time
benga and marlene strand - pour your love

Track Listing:

subvert and cara may
loops of fury and rebecca and fiona
jack beats and dillon francis
wheres the love
the underground
elite force
80 weight
sub antix
diplo and sleigh bells
brick squad anthem
antiserum and mayhem
crystal dust
sinjin hawke
something inside
jake robertz
mickey rocks
bevvy swift
east oakland bounce
knowa knowone
don't hold back
sly fox
koan sound
nothings worth losing
ill esha
the game of poverty
block treat
ego tripping
don't deny it
truth and yayne
pour your love
benga and marlene strand