The All Canadian Farm Show Episode December 10, 2012

Broadcast on 10-Dec-2012

3:00pm - 4:00pm

featuring all sorts of shindiggity goodness + a short interview with Prophacy Sun of Tyranahorse

Track Listing:

Christmas 2012
Praying for Greater Portland · Soundcloud single
Opus 37
Classical Richard · SHiNDiG Demo
Geostationary Eye/Amber
Nam Shub · Cascadia
Lunch Lady · S/T
The Rules for the Heart
Sleuth · Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell Sessions
AA Foreplay
Tyranahorse · Garbade Bears
Failed Vegan Anthem
Hermetic · Survival EP
No Allegiance Queen
Castle in the Clouds
Boogie Monster · Zechimechi
temporary teamwork
vancougar · losin' it
you + me geography
Operation Makeout · First Base
Kiss Me Carl
Nerve Tubes · Shindig Compliation
W3G · Shingdig Compilation
Man What's Got a Gun
Maow · Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell