The All Canadian Farm Show Episode November 26, 2012

Broadcast on 26-Nov-2012

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Lots of swell sounds from our beloved maritime provinces, including 90s alt classics (Inbreds / eric's trip), diy grunglies of today (old and weird / yellowteeth), and folk-pop gems like shotgun jimmie in between!

Track Listing:

Any Sense Of Time
The Inbreds off their album · Kombinator
The Things That People Make, Part 3
The Burning Hell · Split w/ Construction/Destruction
The Appeal of the Master Dredger
Construction / Destruction · Mutatis Mutandis
Sleeping On Couches
Dog Day · Thank You
Victorian Homes
The Bredrins · Divided Not Divided
Monomyth · Monomyth
The Palm At The End Of The Mind
Cousins · Baby
Long Walks
Walrus · Soft Hands
Minstrel Rock
Old and Weird · Craft Singles single
Caramel Kite
Homo Duplex · On or On and On b​/​w Caramel Kite 7"
Magic Child
Play Guitar · Craft Singles single
Peace and Love
Shotgun Jimmie · Transistor Sister
Dream Creepin'
Cold Warps · Slimer b/w Dream Creepin
Psychedelic Rock
Yellowteeth · Gets In Car
Nothing A Little Tonic Can’t Fix
Long Long Long · A Girl Drinking Orange Juice Feels Acid...
eric's trip · love tara