The All Canadian Farm Show Episode October 22, 2012

Broadcast on 22-Oct-2012

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Evan and Selina bring you new mellowish jams of the folk//rock//mariarchi (?) variety. Starting on the East Coast, we've got a song from each and every province (including the territories!!)!!

Track Listing:

The Burning Hell · Flux Capacitor
Kingdom Come
Old Man Luedecke · Tender is the Night
Stereo and the Stove
Shotgun Jimmie · Transistor Sister
Beat This Heart
Tim Chaisson · The Other Side
Maia · Heritage
Unsurded Waves
Snowblink · Inner Classics
Brave Women
Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers · Bone Soldiers
Miarchi Ghost
Miarchi Ghost · Machete EP
Camel in Nunavut
Ellen Hamilton · Distant. Early. Warning
Prairie Girl
Rah Rah · The Poet's Dead
Funeral Bride
Los Flacos Locos
I wanna love you
Michael Rault · Whirlpool EP
Pouring Rain
Old Time Machine · S/T
it is what it is
jenny ritter · bright mainland