The AFTN Soccer Show Episode March 8, 2020

Episode 385 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Let’s Have A Horo Gheallaidh with guests Mark Pannes and Jake Nerwinski) [NSFW]

11:01pm - 1:15am

Vancouver Whitecaps got their first win of the new MLS in LA on Saturday night and we’re going to celebrate the unexpected three points in fine fashion in this episode of the show.

We look back at the highs and lows, and the hits and the misses, from the game and hear from both head coaches. Who played themselves into further starts? Whose performances have been somewhat lacking? And does MDS now have a (nice) selection problem ahead as a result?

We also have two interviews this week, first of all sitting down with Whitecaps’ right back Jake Nerwinski, then we chat with Whitecaps CEO Mark Pannes about how he is settling in to the job and his relationship with the fans, both online and in person, and plans for the future.

Plus we look into how the coronavirus is affecting football worldwide and what it might mean for MLS and the CPL, our MLS Week in Review looks at another interest week in the Western Conference, Football Violence Awareness Month continues in Wavelength, and Scottish band Peat & Diesel continue their residency as March’s artists of the month.

Track Listing:

Away From The Numbers
The Oh Wells · None
Horo Gheallaidh
Peat and Diesel · Light My Byre
We're All Going To Die
Malcome Middleton · A Brighter Beat
Seldom · None
Push + Pull
July Talk · Touch
Saturday (Live)
The 4 Skins · The Best of The 4 Skins
News Radio Theme
Mike Post · None
Away From The Numbers
The Oh Wells · None