The AFTN Soccer Show Episode February 18, 2018

Episode 244 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Centre Of The Whitecaps Universe with guests Kendall Waston and Tim Parker)

11:05pm - 1:09am

We're two weeks away from the start of the new MLS season, the excitement is building but is there optimism or concern amongst the Vancouver Whitecaps fanbase? What do you think?!

There's two more preseason matches in the books, we take a look back at what, if anything, we can take from those and we sit down for chats with the 'Caps two defensive rocks - Kendall Waston and Tim Parker.

And there's still time for Kei Kamara to talk about his favourite season, David Norman Jr to tell us if he fancies a chocolate digestive, look at some other football news from around world, and The Pogues and The Dubliners feature in this week's Wavelength section.

Track Listing:

Away From The Numbers
The Oh Wells · None
The Fall · Northern Attitude
Idlewild · Captain
Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive?
New Royal Family · None
David Devant and His Spirit Wife · None
What's Your Favourite Season?
The Horne Section · None
Jack's Heroes
The Pogues and The Dubliners · None
News Radio Theme
Mike Post · None
Away From The Numbers Theme
The Oh Wells · None