The AFTN Soccer Show Episode November 26, 2017

Ep 231 - NSFW

9:04pm - 11:06pm

NSFW. Not suitable for work. Not suitable for Whitecaps. It’s exercise your option week on the players, so take your pick. Either way, this week’s episode contains adult language and content. There’s swearing. Gasp! If you’re really sensitive, you’ve been warned!

As the offseason continues to drag on far too slowly, we’re joined by AFTN writers Joe Deasy and Anna Namshirin to look at the week’s happenings in Whitecapsland, plus a look at the demise of FC Edmonton and some MLS talking points.

We also kick off our Vancouver Whitecaps end of season review with a look at January and February. How did the preseason shape the ‘Caps year that lay in store?

All this plus we play some more ‘Caps Countdown and Goldie Lookin Chain return in our Wavelength section.

Here’s the full episode rundown:

06.03: Whitecaps News of the Week
16.53: MLS News of the Week
20.47: Caps Countdown – Part One
26.34: The demise of FC Edmonton
36.47: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive – Erik Hurtado
38.40: Caps Countdown – Part Two
44.30: AFTN’s End of Season Awards
80.14: Wavelength – The Sultans of Ping FC
85.35: BC Soccerweb headlines

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Have a listen!