The AFTN Soccer Show Episode April 9, 2017

Snow Fun City

11:05pm - 12:34am

Just when you thought the Snowpocalypse had left Vancouver, the Whitecaps went to the Snowpocalypse.

The 'Caps headed to Salt Lake City to face RSL, but were demolished in the terrible weather conditions by a team that always looked to be one step ahead of them. We look back at the main talking points to come out of that game and the midweek Champions League loss to Tigres.

Where do the 'Caps go from here? How urgent is their need for new faces before the transfer window closes? Are the injury and road stretch coming up going to do irreparable damage for the season? Is there concern about the 'Caps attendance at both MLS and USL levels? So much to discuss.

We'll also at the upcoming triple World Cup bid by Canada, the US, and Mexico, and The Business are featured in this week's Wavelength section.

Have a listen!

Track Listing:

Away From The Numbers Theme
The Oh Wells · None
Terrace Lost Its Soul
The Business · Hardcore Hooligan