The AFTN Soccer Show Episode March 26, 2017

The First Eleven - Biggest Moments In Whitecaps History

11:00pm - 12:02am

With Vancouver Whitecaps having a week off from MLS action, much to the relief of nearly everybody I'm sure, we thought we'd do something a little bit different for this week's show and delve into the 'Caps rich history, as we launch a new specially themed episode that we're going to bring you a couple of times over the year - The First Eleven.

So what is the first eleven and do we use a double shield? We'll pick a topic and come up with a countdown of that fits that theme, making what we feel are the most suitable selections along the way.

To kick things off we're going to look at the top eleven 'Biggest Moments In Whitecaps History' spanning from 1973 to the present day. From the NASL to the CSL years to USL and into MLS. All eras are covered.

If you don't agree with our selections, then great, we'd love to hear from you to share your placings and entries. Get in touch and have a listen.

Track Listing:

Away From The Numbers Theme
The Oh Wells · None