The Absolute Value of Insomnia Episode February 4, 2024

Fundrive Conduction Special

2:00am - 6:00am

For CITR's 2024 FunDrive, AVOI features five episodes of the Conduction Series, a radio improv program that airs on the first Friday of every month on WGXC Wave Farm. With sounds by Anna Friz, August Black, Augustín Genoud, Betsey Biggs, Florencia Curci, Jeff Economy, Jimmy Garver, Maximilian Goldfarb, Peter Courtemanche, and Virginia Mantinian..

Track Listing:

The Rustle of the Happy Machines
Florencia Curci (conductor) · May 5, 2023
Voicing Devices
Augustín Genoud (conductor) · June 2, 2023
Virginia Mantinian (conductor) · July 7, 2023
The End is Pretend
Anna Friz (conductor) · August 4, 2023
Lost in Translation
Jeff Economy (conductor) · September 1, 2023