Textbook Episode February 15, 2018

Textbook Example of 24 Hours of Student Power content

8:59pm - 10:01pm

The CiTR Student Exec kick off 24 HOURS OF STUDENT POWER 2018 with a super glamorous episode of Textbook!! Halla, Dora, and Lucy create intrigue about the upcoming 24 hours and reminisce on their past, present, and future with the CiTR & Discorder.

Featuring songs by Shindig winner Mamarudegyal, local superstars Necking, Chrisariffic's new tape, and CiTR's very own cruel sport

Track Listing:

Die For (Prod. By Buggatti Beatz)
Mamarudegyal · MRG EP
Daddy Issues
Necking · Meditation Tape
Memorial Cup
Chrisariffic · Post-Season
cruel sport · shoelaces