teachable moments Episode January 24, 2023

ep117 - cool (thought): "fashion is associated with art meaning it is somewhat obscure to the mainstream"

3:59pm - 5:03pm

this definition is quoted in a Mina Lee video but not in the one that i thought it was in so oops but it's an interesting association & i feel like we were still able to get into it ~ this ep talks abt art, obscurity, deviance, the gays, & "success"

alsooooo i mis-called the last 2 songs oops again ~ plush management played after lil_babeee_4eva & rainbow island closed the show (see correct songlist @ citr.ca)

Track Listing:

DUNE_prod. iglooghost_140522 ft. iglooghost
BABii · SCREAMER_edit_Vii
Pressings ft. Ora Cogan
ZDBT · Evening Star
Lothlórien ft. Sudan Archives
V.C.R. · The Chronicles of a Caterpillar: The Egg
Not Real
Regularfantasy · New Glow
Hold Me
RU Ready ft. ZDBT
dreamcastmoe · Sound Is Like Water
Your Air
Cherry Blu · single
Eli Muro · Wishbringer
Find Out
Liv.e · single
Tough Sell · single
Lil_Babeee_4EVA · Two'll / UK Vibes
Touch My Body
Plush Managements Inc. · Magic Plush
Hidden Birubu
Rainbow Island · Moonlit Panacea