teachable moments Episode May 26, 2021

ep 70 - cool (n): taste

3:01pm - 4:00pm

so you think you have good taste???????? i taste like orange soda xox

Track Listing:

Grape Crush
Devours · Escape From Planet Devours
Wet Nerve Stages
Golin · Crsuh
Kiss of Death
Morabeza Tobacco · Morabeza Tobacco
Fruit Flies
Enumclaw · Jimbo Demo
Where is My Baby? ft. Backxwash
Lodia Mija · Mass Hysteria
A.G. Cook · Apple
4 New Hit Songs
Doss · Strawberry
Spread the Germicide
M.A.Z.E. · II
Do We Disgust You?
Anybodys · Acts of Endurance
Little Sprout · Fake Cake
Totally Evil Powers
Pardoner · Came Down Different
Fake Fruit · Fake Fruit
Pizza Punks
Dumb · single