teachable moments Episode April 6, 2021

ep65 - cool (a feeling): melancholy

4:00pm - 5:01pm

melancholy is the coolest feeling

Track Listing:

No Smoke
tiberius b · single
Alpha Maid · CHUCKLE
Tears ft. Caroline Polachek
Charli XCX · Pop 2
Cecile Believe · Plucking a Cherry From the Void
Playin' On a Cloud
Pardoner · Playin' On a Cloud
Never Had
Oblomov · Steady Drip of a Broken Spout
Keep You
Fake Fruit · Fake Fruit
Sook-Yin Lee · single
I Been Livin
Liv.e · Couldn't Wait to Tell You...
Leaning Hard - On Me Peripheral Vision
Fiver · single
New Cycle ft. Stonecold Finger
Euro Visa Visa · We Love Robin Williams
Lava La Rue · BUTTER-FLY
Devours · single