teachable moments Episode March 30, 2021

ep64 - cool (n): provocation

3:59pm - 5:06pm

personally, as dork, i don't think that "shock" is very cool. it's kinda shallow & reactionary & boring... but shock is also stuff that upsets ~namely stuff that's not cis het white & masc~ & that's pretty fcking cool

provocation & violence; provocation & cpaitalism; provocation & interest (~~*sparkle); provocation & immediacy

Track Listing:

Montero (Call Me By Your Name)
Lil Nas X · single
Overton Window
Soft Fossil · Dark Star Ep
Bacchus' Crush
Canon Mulat · single
So Wrong
Magic Island · single
I Am Split In Two
Pavel · Opus G
Debby Friday · single
Park Hye Jin · How Can I
Des Hume · single
Secret Gardens
Grimm · single
Yu Su · Yellow Blue River
Keep You
Fake Fruit · Fake Fruit
Milano Sport
Doohickey Cubicle · Don't Fix Anything ;)
Sam Tudor · single
Waitin - D Tiffany Remix
Human Movement, D Tiffany · Waitin (D Tiffany Remix)