teachable moments Episode March 23, 2021

ep63 - cool (adj): low maintenance

4:02pm - 5:02pm

omg don't be the "cool girl"! don't do it! it's a disservice to you! be neurotic! whatever! changing yourself/putting yourself in situations where you feel unsafe/uncomfortable to seem "cool" and/or "chill" is not cool! & it's not chill! be you! do you! dork cannot emphasize this enough!

Track Listing:

Bacchu's Crush
Canon Mulat · single
Donna Said
Paronder · single
17 Stitches
Francesca Belcourt · Buds
This Is Not
Oblomov · Steady Drip of a Broken Spout
East of the Heat
redress · peacebird
Good Nite
Euro Visa Visa · We Love Robin Williams
Sook-Yin Lee, Adam Litovitz · single
Debby Friday · single
Bury Me Alive
Magic Island · Bury Me Alive
Mean Boy (ZDBT's Dub Down)
ZDBT, Prado, SMP · Elastic EP
Like a Lady
Pom Poko · Cheater
Dumb · Mustang Law
Sign Here
Doohickey Cubicle · Don't Fix Anything ;)
Yoshi's Revenge
Devours · single