teachable moments Episode March 16, 2021

ep63 - cool (n): long(ish) songs

4:00pm - 5:03pm

oopsily ~short~rushed~hectic enrichment bw some looooong(ish) sloooooow(er) songs~~~~ isn't kind of ~weird~sweet how longer songs are usually more mellow? i mean obvs it makes sense but i like the idea that length is related to serenity

Track Listing:

Motor Reality
Pardoner · B-Sides 2
Milk Man
Fake Fruit · Fake Fruit
Danger Baby
Pom Poko · Cheater
Sign Here
Doohickey Cubicle · Don't Fix Anything ;)
Prado, ZDBT, Slim Media Player · ELASTIC EP
Living My Life Over
Cecile Believe · Plucking a Cherry From the Void
Butchie Boy
DJ Shub · War Club
Blocks and Passes
Eve Parker Finley · Chrysalia
Spring at Home
Masahiro Takahashi · Flowering Tree, Distant Moon
Where Are the Keys???
Blue Hawaii · Under 1 House
Yu Su · Yellow Blue River
Baby Blue · Stele/Origin