teachable moments Episode September 17, 2019

ep18 - cool (experience): ** chaotic cool **

3:59pm - 4:58pm

everything is chaotic and dork is holding on by a thread. you know what's cool? d&d. dork's nvr played it but that sh*t's cool. you know what else is cool? gal gracen's "fantasy gardens" and dumb's "seeing green" have the same album cover. i don't make the shots, i just call them.

ty paul for letting the ppl know that frank zappa's "we're only in it for the money" has the same album art at the beatles' "sargent pepper's lonely hearts club band" and the beastie boys' gratitude video replicated pink floyd's "live in pompei" performance. we are grateful paul.

Track Listing:

Spare Me
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Blame It On Your Love (ft. Lizzo)
Charli XCX · Charli
Track 10
Charli XCX · Pop 2
Nice Apple · This Time Nice Apple Is Auto-Cathecting
An Extra Pair of Socks
LEMONGRAB · It Doesn't Sound Good But It Feels Awesome
Untitled 4
shobel · EP (2019)
Material · Leather
Color Kill
Patti · Good Big
Pocket Market
Straw Pipes · Suddenly
St. Youth
Immaculate Conception · S/T
Chain Whip · 14 Lashes
Dumb · Seeing Green
Green Mask
Modern Life
Ice Cream · [single]