teachable moments Episode September 10, 2019

ep17 - cool (adj): fashionable, fashion savvy

3:59pm - 4:59pm

dork talks abt fashion or at least tries to while they play dope af tunes. will probably do a pt 2 bc it was a little lacking on the fashion convo. but that's cool right?

Track Listing:

No Playtime
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Better Alone
Lucky · DEMOS
Modern Art
Other Jesus · Everything Is Problematic
Sudan Archive · [single]
Rhi6n · Best Machine
Rush Push Cash
Tanning Bats · On the Assembly Line of Our Heads
Birthday Bitch · 26
Maniqui [prod. Chicken]
Isabella Lovestory · Humo EP
Destinys Child · Bed Bugs
Gal Gracen · Garden Fantasy
Country Boys
liĆ© · Hounds
Hit & Miss
Nice Apple · This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting
Booty EP · What what and the who now?