teachable moments Episode August 20, 2019

ep15 - cool (n): lack of performance; natural behavior

3:59pm - 4:58pm

if your mom ever told you to just be yourself, they were right. performativity is so 2000&late.

Track Listing:

Go Getter
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Walk With the Dog
lucky · DEMOS
Your Lapdog
The Magic Hats · The Horrible Realities pf Existence
Dog Song
Sylvia Wrath · [single]
Spring Song
Magda & the Aliens · High Probability Estimates DEMO
No TV, No Beer Makes Homer Go Something Something
The Thompsons · The Thompsons
In My Dreams
BBQT · Nice View
Knot In My Gut
Dumb · Club Nites
Ich Bin Steif
Chris-a-riffic · TREATS
Hit & Miss
Nice Apple · This Time Nice Apple is Auto Cathecting
Sugary + Sweet
Pardoner · Playin' On A Cloud