teachable moments Episode May 21, 2019

ep5 - cool (adj): used to emphasize a specified quantity or amount, especially of money

3:59pm - 5:01pm

dork's backbackbackback back again with some pressing questions: what can i get for a cooooooool 50 cents? how can i make a coooooooool 50 cents? how can i spend a cooooooooool 50 cents? what do dentists value in a cooooooool $5,000? will you date me for a cooooooool 50 cents?

Track Listing:

Lost Tribe ft. Kimmortal
Snotty Nose Rez Kids · TRAPLINE
Sacred Cow Hot Dog
Kamikaze Nurse · Blue Flower (demos)
Ships in the Night
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Walk With the Dog
Lucky · demos
Dad Thighs · The Final Girl (Split)
Club Nites
Dumb · Club Nites
Grub (demo)
Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Yr Man
Non La · demos
Horny Henry
Charli XCX
Blame It On Your Love ft. Lizzo · [single]