teachable moments Episode April 30, 2019

ep2 - cool (v): to become or cause to become less hot

3:59pm - 5:02pm

dork continues on their quest of cool and got some a+ tips from ferris, mystery caller clara, adb, and al who acted as the multiple gandalfs to their frodo&co.

*tip of the day* need to cool down? take off a layer!

Track Listing:

Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
i feel bad
nice apple · ???? ????
megamall · Demos
You & Me
Biawanna · [single]
A Beautiful Woman
Derdoorian · [single]
Beef Hits
dumb · Club Nites
i don't wanna play ur show
Emma Lee Toyota · i don't wanna play ur show [EP]
Jesus Was A Trans Girl
Kitty Prozac · [single]
Garnet Graves
Devours · Iconoclast
Monsoon Moon
Keeper · Two-Headed Dog EP