Synchronicity Episode December 12, 2016

How Small Steps Make a Huge Difference - Start Right Where You Are

12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Sam Bennett -
This interview is for anyone who hasn't yet reached their potential, but it's especially valuable for anyone who is in a creative industry... acting, art, music, marketing, coaching, entrepreneurs, etc. If you're challenged by procrastination, limiting beliefs, depression, overwhelm, anxiety or just feeling like nothing you ever do is good enough, please do yourself a favor and listen to this interview!
- Sam introduces 4-7-8 breathing technique
- Sam shares the story of how she was deeply depressed and broke, and the shifts she made to become happy and successful.
- if you could speak to the younger, unhappy version of yourself, what would you say to her?
- being happy in the moment
- Sam describes her version of what "God" means to her, it's something she calls "The Net" - and how tiny shifts create huge changes
- we discuss reading and learning concepts vs. taking small ACTION steps - bridging the gap between theory and practice
- overwhelmed with too many ideas? Sam has a solution!
- keeping track of ideas, learning from our past and our patterns
- lack of confidence and our old beliefs... especially all the reasons we can't be successful or do what we want as a career
- Dealing with the feeling of "I'm not ready" and having too many options to choose from
- the difference between not being ready, and choosing not to put your energy toward something (or the difference between "I can't afford it" and choosing to spend your money elsewhere)
- Why it's so important to just DO it, and start taking tiny and consistent steps toward your dreams - and HOW to do it.
- who Sam takes advice and feedback from
- Sam shares her fears and insecurities about not getting it right - and how all successful people share similar fears
a really surprising secret about the most beautiful / rich / successful people she's worked with
what about the people who work harder than most, have lots of talent, and they're still stuck? What do you say to that person?
a special secret about jealousy
Why is it so important that we all find our own special kind of success?
Sam shares her favourite exercise in the book - especially helpful for whenever you're feeling stuck