Synchronicity Episode November 7, 2016


12:00pm - 1:00pm

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This is an interview from way back in May, 2009, in the early days of Synchronicity Radio.
Summer McStravick interview
0:30 - Marie introduces Summer and we discuss being busy as a mom, author, producer of Hay House Radio and host of Flowdreaming.
2:48 - Summer shares about "the Flow"
5:01 - what is "the Flow?"
9:16 - how to manifest and create what you want in life in "the flow"
9:50 - God and the flow
12:59 - a listener calls in with a question about finances
19:37 - the difference between specifying an amount of money, and going for a feeling of abundance, freedom or security

22:37 - the importance of EMOTION in Flowdreaming - why do some things come more quickly than others? (competing desires)
27:36 - the energetic glass ceiling
30:01 - can we really create anything we want? Summer says we create to the level of our comfort zone.
35:16 - Marie asks Summer about negativity
35:59 - Summer points out a sneaky trap that we can fall into when trying to manifest or create in our lives - dissatisfaction with what we have
39:38 - Summer talks about the energy that runs through everything, and how our personal lives are like rivers that flow into a bigger ocean of life - and how nature tends to move in the most natural and efficient direction