Synchronicity Episode September 26, 2016

Time Management with the Inefficiency Assassin - Helene Segura

12:00pm - 1:00pm

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0:58 - intentional meditation
3:31 - We speak about International Day of Peace
4:12 - Why did efficiency become important to you?
6:27 - What's the story behind your name "The Inefficiency Assassin?"
7:24 - what's the relationship between efficiency and making things more interesting and exciting?
8:48 - shifting our mindset
10:33 - can you give us an example of changing mindset and the difference it makes?
14:43 - how much time or energy are you saving from changing this mindset?
16:08 - Marie shares some experiences about the time-suck of social media and the internet - Helene shares a really helpful tip for dealing with social media
18:30 Helene shares more simple tips on saving time when working on the computer and the dangers of notifications from cel phone and computer
18:53 - Helene shares a shocking statistic about how much time we waste every time our phone sends a notification
22:56 Helene and Marie talk about how being disrupted can limit our ability to be in "flow" or "in the zone" - Helene shares that short periods of focus without interruption can be revolutionary - even for clients with ADD or ADHD
26:25 - procrastination on paperwork
29:33 - Helene shares more about how the book is laid out and how different learning styles might approach the book
34:49 "procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin" - what kind of opportunities are we missing out on?
37:45 - another tip - planning for the next day - helps with sleep issues and organizing
42:56 - the difference between planning your day in the morning or planning at night for tomorrow and being in "the zone" (this is one of my favourite tips!)
44:33 - how do we prioritize to save ourselves future time, while juggling daily tasks?
46:20 - is there a question or a trigger that will help us look for ways to streamline our workload? (another favourite tip!!)
49:30 - another question to consider for maximizing our time - Helene shares a great tip for parents who spend time driving with kids
52:35 - Helene shares from free gifts and productivity tips and final thoughts about how you have the power to use your time the way you choose
53:10 - the connection to time management and mindfulness (probably the biggest mindset shift for productivity)