Synaptic Sandwich Episode July 28, 2007

Broadcast on 28-July-2007

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Music to watch fireworks to. (two tos in that sentence!!)

John Starlight.....Zauberstaub Der Liebe (Johannes Heil remix) ,
Aquaviva & Luetzenkirchen.....No Fear (The South America Remix) ,
Octave One.....The Third Degree ,
DeeLite.....Groove is in the heart (Sick House remix) ,
New Young Pony Club.....The Bomb ,
Simian Mobile Disco.....System ,
Digitalism.....Jupiter Room ,
Justice.....Waters of Nazareth ,
Dead Sexy Inc.....Lets go to bed ,
Trentemoller.....Killer Kat ,
Electrixx.....Instinct ,
DJ Saab.....Where's The Party ,
VHS or Beta.....Night on Fire(Phil Kieran Mix),
Dondolo.....Dragon (Shit Robot Remix) ,
Dark Globe.....Sprintian Posture ,
cut copy.....Hearts on Fire ,
Digitalism.....Zdarlight (Bag Raiders Shout it Out remix) ,
Felix the Housecat.....Sweet Frosti ,
MR. Oizo.....Patrick 122 ,
Christopher and Rapheal Just.....Popper ,
Tiga.....Move My Body (Boys Noize remix)

Track Listing:

Zauberstaub Der Liebe (Johannes Heil remix)
John Starlight
No Fear (The South America Remix)
Aquaviva & Luettzenkirchen
The Third Degree
Octave One
Groove is in the heart (sick house remix)
Dee Lite
The Bomb
New Young Pnoy Club
Simian Mobile Disco
Jupiter room
waters of nazareth
Lets go to bed
Dead Sexy Inc
Killer Kat
Where's The Party
DJ Saab
night on fire
VHS or Beta
Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)
Sprintian Posture
Dark Globe
hearts on fire
cut copy
Zdarlight (Bag Raiders Shout it Out remix)
Sweet Frosti
Felix the Housecat
Patrick 122
MR. Oizo
Christopher and Rapheal Just
Move My Body (Boys Noize remix)