Synaptic Sandwich Episode July 21, 2007

Broadcast on 21-July-2007

9:00pm - 11:00pm

It's a pretty cool show this time around. Music is good and DJ Cyber discusses nanoelectric generators.
Anthony Rother.....Punks ,
The Cure Vs. Digitalism.....Fire In Cairo (Digitalism RemiX) ,
Tom Vek.....Green Lights (Digitalism Remix) ,
Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and John Starlight.....Blood Angel ,
Michael Jackson.....Thriller (bootleg electro mix) ,
Daft Punk.....Technologic (Digitalism's Highway to Paris mix) ,
David Carretta.....Vicious Games ,
The Hacker Feat. Perspects.....Flesh & Bone ,
Depeche Mode.....People are People (Underground Resistance remix) ,
Rui Da Silva.....Pacman (Turnmills mix) ,
Mick Wills.....Dr. Righteous ,
John Starlight.....Shadowbreaker (Boyz Noize Remix) ,
Members Of Mayday.....New Euphoria (Tillman Uhrmachers euphoric remix) ,
Motor.....20 Volts Of Steel ,
electrixx.....Instinct ,
Seksu Roba.....L.A. Freeway ,
Charles Manier.....Change You ,
Bolz Bolz.....Cosmetics ,
VHS or Beta.....Night On Fire (Phil Kieran Mix) ,
Feist.....Mushaboom (Postal Service MiX)

Track Listing:

Anthony Rother
Fire In Cairo (Digitalism RemiX)
The Cure Vs. Digitalism
Green Lights (Digitalism Remix)
Tom Vek
Blood Angel
Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and John Starlight
Thriller (bootleg electro mix)
Michael Jackson
Technologic (Digitalism's Highway to Paris mix)
Daft Punk
Vicious Games
David Carretta
Flesh & Bone
The Hacker Feat. Perspects
People are People (Underground Resistance remix)
Depeche Mode
Pacman (Turnmills mix)
Rui Da Silva
Dr. Righteous
Mick Wills
Shadowbreaker (Boyz Noize Remix)
John Starlight
New Euphoria (Tillman Uhrmachers euphoric remix)
Members Of Mayday
20 Volts Of Steel
L.A. Freeway
Seksu Roba
Change You
Charles Manier
Bolz Bolz
Night On Fire (Phil Kieran Mix)
VHS or Beta
Mushaboom (Postal Service MiX)