Synaptic Sandwich Episode July 14, 2007

Broadcast on 14-July-2007

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Not only is Ryan Fantastic back in action, Dj Cyber Decides to show up too! Oh Yeah - the show is also twice as long! We also discuss the new technology of rubber electronic circuits and electrical connectors that can stretch to twice their length.
@@PLAYLIST AS SUCH@@ moon my man (boys noize remix) ,
Miss Kitten & The Hacker.....Hometown ,
Adult.....In My Nerves ,
Bolz Bolz.....The Ultimate Remix ,
Lady B.....Cruising Around Motor City ,
Legowelt.....The Nomium Syndrome ,
The Otis Spunkmeyer Project.....Born to make You Move ,
Punx Soundcheck feat. Steve Strange.....In The Dark ,
Chromium Project with Ivan S......Electro Rap ,
Mr. Oizo.....Nazis (The Justice remix) ,
Nitzer Ebb.....Getting Closer (Blackstrobe EBM Homage) ,
Christopher and Raphael Just.....Popper (Ft. Fox 'n' Wolf) ,
Tiga.....Move My Body (Boys Noize remix) ,
Daisy Daisy.....Michelle plays ping pong (vicarious bliss match point mix) ,
Blackstrobe.....Pins and Needles ,
Dj Tonio & David Carretta.....My Telephone Is Dead ,
John Starlight.....Cash Money ,
Michael Jackson.....Thriller (bootleg electro remix) ,
Anthony Rother.....Punks ,
Rob Technic.....Living On Video ,
David Caretta.....Kill your Radio (mix machine remix) ,
Junior Boys.....Double Shadow (Kode 9 Remix) ,
Spektrum.....Kinda New (Dirty South 07 Remix) ,
Goldfrapp.....Strict Machine (We are Glitter mix) ,
Tiefschwarz.....Warning Siren (BuickProject remix) ,
VHS or Beta.....Night On Fire (Play Paul Mix) ,
Justice.....Let There Be Light ,
Kalaxons.....Atlantis to Interzone ,
Depeche Mode.....Never Let Me Down (Digitalism Remix) ,
Agoria.....Stereolove (Paul Kalkbrenner's "John 3-20" remix) ,
Dj Icey.....Bass Station Zero ,
Casseopaya.....Powertrax 2.0 (Jens Mahlstedt remix) ,
Duoteque.....Drug Queen ,
Armand Van Helden.....NYC Beat ,
Digitalism.....Zdarlight (Bag Raiders Shout it Out remix) ,
Mr. Oizo.....Transexual ,
Boys Noize.....Feel Good (TV=OFF) Shinichi Osawa edit ,
Busy p.....Fancy "What's you name again?" ,
Electrixx.....Rock N Roll ,
Ladytron.....Playgirl (Zombie Nation Mix) ,
MIss Kitten & The Hacker.....1982 (Vitalic Remix) ,
Mingo.....24 hours (You Deserve it Mix) ,
Trio.....Da Da Da (Out of the Ordinary Remix) ,

Track Listing:

my moon my man (boys noize remix)
Miss Kitten & The Hacker
In My Nerves
The Ultimate Remix
Bolz Bolz
Cruising Around Motor City
Lady B
The Nomium Syndrome
Born to make You Move
The Otis Spunkmeyer Project
In The Dark
Punx Soundcheck feat. Steve Strange
Electro Rap
Chromium Project with Ivan S.
Nazis (The Justice remix)
Mr. Oizo
Getting Closer (Blackstrobe EBM Homage)
Nitzer Ebb
Popper (Ft. Fox 'n' Wolf)
Christopher and Raphael Just
Move My Body (Boys Noize remix)
Michelle plays ping pong (vicarious bliss match point mix)
Daisy Daisy
Pins and Needles
My Telephone Is Dead
Dj Tonio & David Carretta
Cash Money
John Starlight
Thriller (electro remix)
Michael Jackson
Anthony Rother
Living On Video
Rob Technic
Kill your Radio (mix machine remix)
David Caretta
Double Shadow (Kode 9 Remix)
Junior Boys
Kinda New (Dirty South 07 Remix)
Strict Machine (We are Glitter mix)
Warning Siren (BuickProject remix)
Night On Fire (Play Paul Mix)
VHS or Beta
Let There Be Light
Atlantis to Interzone
Never Let Me Down (Digitalism Remix)
Depeche Mode
Stereolove (Paul Kalkbrenner's "John 3-20" remix)