Student Special Hour Episode February 24, 2015

Broadcast on 24-Feb-2015 Student Special with The Players Club and AIESEC

2:00pm - 3:00pm

The Players Club come on air to talk about the Dionysia Festival and the 7 plays they are presenting some written by students but all of which produced and played by students. The festival is from February 25th - 28th and March 1st at Dorthy Sumerset Studios.

UBC AEISEC presents opportunities to volunteer and internship abroad. Look to to learn more about the organization

Track Listing:

cha cha
Fembots · Mucho Cuidado
The campfire song
Fembots · Mucho Cuidado
Sixteen Hours
Eric's Trip · Purple Blue
New Prints
Pre · Hope Freaks
Why be Wives
Pre · Hope Freaks