Student Special Hour Episode January 18, 2012

STUDENT SPECIAL broadcast on 18-Jan-2012

11:30am - 1:00pm

Student Feature Hour (11:30-13:00)
Kurt Vile Constant Hitmaker Space Forklift

The Darcy’s /Aja /Josie (Steely Dan Cover)

Steely Dan /Aja /Josie

Ferris Wheel /Un Peu Au Nord /Sans Distortion

Astro Logical /Flux /Diamonds in Your Eyes

Shadows on Stars /single /Punk Kids

Ducktails w/ Panda Bear/ Killin’ the Vibe

Boyfriend /Egyptian Wrinkle

Dolphin Mouth / single / Busy Brain

Tom Waits / Real Gone / Shake It

The Roots / Undun / Sleep

Long Weekends /Warmer Weather /Quarter Sticks

jacuzzi boys /glazin /glazin

Theophilus London /Oops

Duchess Says / In a fung Day T / Yellow pillow

Darktime Sunshine /Believe You Me /It Lives

Bad Bad Not Good /BBNG /Mass Appeal/Transition

Nicolas Jaar & Darkside /Darkside EP /Clown & Sunset

Gillian Welch /The Harrow & the Harvest /Way It Goes

Track Listing:

Busy Brain
Dolphin Mouth · single
Egyptian Wrinkle
Killin' the Vibe
Ducktails w/ Panda Bear
Punk Kids
Shadows on Stars · single
Diamonds in Your Eyes
Astro Logical · Flux
Un Peu Au Nord Sans Distortion
Ferris Wheel · Un Peu Au Nord Sans Distortion
Steely Dan · Aja
Josie (Steely Dan Cover)
The Darcy's · Aja
Space Forklift
Kurt Vile · Constant Hitmaker
Shake It
Tom Waits · Real Gone
The Roots · Undun
Quarter Sticks
Long Weekends · Warmer Weather
jacuzzi boys · glazin
Theophilus London
Yellow pillow
Duchess Says · In a fung Day T
It Lives
Darktime Sunshine · Believe You Me
Mass Appeal
Bad Bad Not Good · BBNG
Bad Bad Not Good · BBNG
Clown & Sunset
Nicolas Jaar & Darkside · Darkside EP
Way It Goes
Gillian Welch · The Harrow & the Harvest