Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode December 14, 2021

Stranded podcast #432

11:00pm - 11:59pm

Featuring Tam Vantage, 10 Day Notice, Phuture Memoriez and more!

Track Listing:

Quasimodo’s Dream
The Reels · Quasimodo’s Dream
After The News
The Reels · Quasimodo’s Dream
Kitchen Man
The Reels · Quasimodo’s Dream
Tainted Love
Scalper · The Shine
Gardenia · Acorn (single)
The Dentist
Tam Vantage · Laughing Gas & Apple Pie
Century Egg · Mirror / Moving On single
Assault Charge · Fuck Around And Find Out
Ouri · Frame Of A Fauna
Blood Clots
Phuture Memoriez · Super Awesome Fantastic Distortion Machines
Landlord's Coming
OK Vancouver OK · red light demos unfinished work
10 Day Notice · Rent
Why Do You Always Cry?
Wagons · Acid Rain & Sugar Cane