Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode December 1, 2020

Stranded podcast #426

11:06pm - 12:06am

Featuring Lola Scott, Terry Uyarak, The Cyrillic Typewriter

Track Listing:

Big Star · Third
Dead Roo
Cosmic Psychos · Blokes You Can Trust
I Love Kangaroos
Guided By Voices · Space Gun
Moving On
Telescreen · Moving On (single)
Saving Grace
Rebel Yell · Saving Grace (single)
The Eviction Song
Lola Scott · The Eviction Song (single)
The Black Rag
Black Thunder · La Fine Creata
Burn In The Sun
Midnight Gallows · Attack Warning Red
The Moon Runners · Wakeless 2095
Terry Uyarak · Anuri (single)
Charge Dodger
Mi'ens · Future Child
Torn Pocket
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Permanent Colours