Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode June 2, 2020

Stranded podcast #406

11:18pm - 12:17am

Featuring The Buoys, Dumb Angel, Jesse Gold and more!

Track Listing:

Where the Change Is
The Flashing Lights · Where the Change Is
Half The Time
The Flashing Lights · Where the Change Is
Been Waiting
The Flashing Lights · Sweet Release
The Buoys · Gold (single)
We’re Home
Benny Walker · We're Home (single)
Please Go Lightly
Serena Pech · Politics EP
Pay It Forward
Aquakulture · Pay It Forward (single)
I Woke Up This Morning
Dumb Angel · Dumb Angel
Jesse Gold · L (single)
Fractal Past
Himalayan Bear · Fractal Past
Majorlaan · Wilfully Obtuse EP
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Tombstone Piledriver