Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode May 5, 2020

Stranded podcast #402

11:01pm - 11:59pm

Featuring The Vee Bees, Himalayan Bear, CLONE and more!

Track Listing:

The Neighborhood
TV Colours · Purple Skies, Toxic River
Lost Highway
TV Colours · Purple Skies, Toxic River
All The Kids Are Grown Up
TV Colours · Purple Skies, Toxic River
Aspiring To Be A Bloke
Possible Humans · Everybody Split
Please Don't Touch (Johnny Kidd and The Pirates cover)
Baby Machine / The Vee Bees · St Valentines Day Massacre
Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Angie McMahan · Everywhere (single)
New Fries · Is The Idea of Us
Honey Is Flying In All Directions
Motorists · From The Wreckage, Vol 1.
Waiting Here
Tough Age · Waiting Here (single)
Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Feat. Ashley Shadow (Bob Dylan cover)
Himalayan Bear · Lets Hope The Roof Stays On
Ora Cogan · Bells in the Ruins
David Newberry · Afterthought (single)
Time For A Change
Split Enz · Mental Notes