Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode September 24, 2019

Stranded podcast #385

11:02pm - 12:02am

Featuring Peter Black, A.Trozzo, Chain Whip and more!

Track Listing:

Heaven With Their Stars Above
Peter Black · Break Bread with the Mono?-?Brows
Getting My Good Shirt Out For Court
Peter Black · Clearly You Didn't Like the Show
Rogue Cop
Peter Black · Maybe If I Took My Headhones Off
Oh...You're Crushed?!
Hard-Ons · So I Could Have Them Destroyed
Alexander Biggs · Miserable (single)
Holden On
Julia Why? · Hysteria!
A.Trozzo · Burger Songs
K'eintah Natse Ju
Leela Gilday · North Star Calling
The Other Side
Begonia · Fear
Sunny Days
Robin Skies · Is It Ever Really Over
Lightning Dust · Fantasy
On A Rope
Chain Whip · 14 Lashes
Evangeline Gentle · Evangeline Gentle
In The Time I Was Away
Dave Gunning · Up Against The Sky
Heavy Business
Magic Dirt · Friends In Danger