Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode August 13, 2019

Stranded podcast #381

11:01pm - 11:59pm

Featuring Anvil, Stuart Nuggett, Kimmortal and more!

Track Listing:

Nocturnal Hell
Slaughter · Strappado
Tribal Convictions
Voivod · Dimension: Hatröss
Anvil · Metal on Metal
Nayurni (Woman)
Stuart Nuggett · Stuart Nuggett EP
Night Terrors
This Way North · Night Terrors (single)
Falling Clouds
Dyson, Stringer, Cloher · Falling Clouds (single)
Bag Of Bones
The Staggers and Jaggs · Punkouver Vol.3
lie · Punkouver Vol.3
Low Tide
Brutal Poodle · Punkouver Vol.3
Do Whatever The Heck You Want
Rae Spoon · bodiesofwater
Kimmortal · X Marks The Swirl
Spin Our Wheels
Sloan · 12
Glossy Books
Bodyjar · Rimshot