Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode June 11, 2019

Stranded podcast #374

11:07pm - 12:00am

Featuring Rocket Science, CASA X, Biawanna and more!

Track Listing:

Modern Music
Black Mountain · Black Mountain
Black Mountain · In The Future
Future Shade
Black Mountain · Destroyer
Got You
Amyl And the Sniffers · Amyl And the Sniffers
Chasing Rainbows
Rocket Science · Chasing Rainbows (single)
Lighting Fires
CASA X · 100Faces
Second View
Co-Op · MW 25 Sampler Pack
We Don't Have To Be Friends Forever
Sightlines · MW 25 Sampler Pack
It's Cold
Energy Slime · MW 25 Sampler Pack
Biawanna · MW 25 Sampler Pack
Hope It (Really) Sucked
Emma Lee Toyoda · MW 25 Sampler Pack
Theme from 'House Man'
shitlord fuckerman · MW 25 Sampler Pack