Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode March 26, 2019

Stranded podcast #366

11:02pm - 11:57pm

Featuring The Fauves, Geoff Berner, The Honey Tongues and more!

Track Listing:

Thin Body Thin
The Fauves · Drive Through Charisma
Dwarf On Dwarf
The Fauves · The Young Need Discipline
Self Abuser
The Fauves · Future Spa
Kyle Maher · Serenity (single)
Pond · Tasmania
Tell Me
Tiny Fighter · Tell Me EP
All The Reaching Trims
Daniel Romano · Finally Free
Super Subtle Folk Song
Geoff Berner · Canadiana Grotesquica
Me In Glue
Tough Age · Shame
Seven Stars, Seven Stones
Seer · Vol.6
Healthy God
The Honey Tongues · The Honey Tongues