Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode June 5, 2018

Stranded podcast #340

10:54pm - 11:52pm

Featuring Hoodoo Gurus, Frog Eyes, The Once and more!

Track Listing:

I Want You Back
Hoodoo Gurus · Stoneage Romeos
Dig It Up
Hoodoo Gurus · Stoneage Romeos
I Was A Kamikazi Pilot
Hoodoo Gurus · Stoneage Romeos
Holidays On Ice
Painters and Dockers · Holidays On Ice (single)
Sugar Still Melts In The Rain
Sarah Mary Chadwick · Sugar Still Melts In The Rain
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys · Rot (Rest Of The World Customers)
She's Never Wrong
Dennis Ellsworth · Things Change
People Can Change
Wax Mannequin · Have A New Name
I Can't Live Without You
The Once · Time Enough
Slogging Away
Adrian Teacher & the Subs · Anxious Love
Your Boss's Shirt
Frog Eyes · Violet Psalms
Love Goes On
Hello Blue Roses · Trade Winds
Best Interests At Heart
Ed Kuepper · Character Assassination