Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode April 4, 2017

Stranded podcast #304

10:58pm - 11:59pm

Featuring The Moles, Windigo, Bitumen & more!

Track Listing:

Bury Me Happy
The Moles · Untune The Sky
Richard Davies · Telegraph
Zeppelin Commander
Cosmos · Jar of Jam, Ton of Bricks
No Sister · No Sister / Bitumen split cassette
Honey Hunter
Bitumen · No Sister / Bitumen split cassette
Trojan Horses
Scalper · Trojan Horses (single)
New Creation
Century Palm · Meet You
Silver Velvet
The Courtneys · The Courtneys - II
Silver Slumbers
Windigo · Windigo
Mother Russia
COPE · Mother Russia (single)
Yes I Know
The Pack A.D · Positive Thinking
Beyond The Lanes
Heaven For Real · Quarter Life Crisis -V/A
Tough Customer · Quarter Life Crisis -V/A