Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode January 24, 2017

Stranded podcast #296

11:00pm - 11:58pm

Featuring tracks from Skinny Puppy, A.B Original, Henry Wagons and more!

Track Listing:

Skinny Puppy · Bites
Salesmen, Cheats and Liars
The Lowest Of The Low · Shakespeare My Butt!
Santa Fe
Henry Wagons · 'After What I Did Last Night…
Two Guns
Miss Peach and the Travellin’ Bones · Sand
26th of January
A.B Original · Reclaim Australia
A.Trozzo & the Electric Few · A.Trozzo & the Electric Few
Waving Hand
Blessed · Blessed
Prussian Ellipses
Miens · Challenger
Hearts Are Beating
The Klenners · Charles and Commercial (compilation)
Cora Koogan · Charles and Commercial (compilation)
Jenny Banai · Charles and Commercial (compilation)
Myriad Harbour
The New Pornographers · Challengers