Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode January 3, 2017

Stranded podcast #294

11:01pm - 11:59pm

Featuring tracks from Magic Dirt, Oh Pep! Swim Team and more!

Track Listing:

Friends In Danger
Magic Dirt · Friends In Danger
Magic Dirt · Friends In Danger
I Was Cruel
Magic Dirt · Friends In Danger
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · Skeleton Tree
Doctor Doctor
Oh Pep! · Stadium Cake
Edge Of Town
Middle Kids · Edge of Town (single)
The Hard Part Begins
Gal Gracen · The Hard Part Begins
Daniel Terrance Robertson · Death
Douse · The Light In You Has Left
Swim Team · Out Of The Flood
Bright Ideas
Zaac Pick · Charles and Commercial (compilation)