Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode April 26, 2016

Stranded podcast #270

11:03pm - 12:59am

Featuring tracks by Eric Bogle, Liz Stringer, Bre McDaniel and more!

Track Listing:

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Eric Bogle · By Request
The Mark Of Cain · Ill At Ease
Let Us Go
The Church · Further Deeper
Liz Stringer · All The Bridges
Clean Up Your Life
Megan Bernard · Clean Up Your Life
Ashley Shadow · Ashley Shadow
Bre McDaniel · Light Pollution
Malcolm Paterson · unreleased
Field Of Trampolines
Shotgun Jimmie · Field Of Trampolines
Hard On Things
Corin Raymond · Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams
The Legend Of Bobby Bird
Art Bergman · The Apostate