Stranded: The Australian-Canadian Music Show Episode January 24, 2014

Broadcast on 24-Jan-2014

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Interview with poet Jennifer Zilm

Track Listing:

'Teenage Barnacle'
The Enigmas · The Enigmas
'Flying Dutchman'
The Enigmas · Strangely Wild
'Windshield Wiper'
The Enigmas · Strangely Wild
'Hotter Than Me'
AustraliA · Robot
'I Can't Go On'
AustraliA · Robot
'Born In Ontario'
Neil Young · Psychedelic Pill
'Asleep On The Bus' [CA]
Bestie · Asleep on the Bus (single)
'Pineapple' [CA]
Bestie · Pineapple (single)
'Blackie' [CA]
Rykka · Blackie (single)
'The Other One' [CA]
J.P Maurice · The Arborist
'My Body' [CA]
Weekend Mattress · Weekend Mattress
'King Of Face' [CA]
STORC · Storc
'An Old Friend' [CA]
Bison B.C · Lovelessness